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BPC SurveyManager is a powerful web/HTML rules based forms engine that creates, distributes, manages, analyses and reports dynamically generated html and paper surveys and can even be used to build and manage general web sites.  The system is available as part of the BPC RiskManager suite, individually or as a hosted internet service.  The name does not do this application justice.  With a large range of built-in forms, components and input control capabilities it is versatile enough to be used to create an entire website, smart enough to hold interactive rules driven natural language “conversations” with users, and simple enough that a survey can go from design to live in less than 15 minutes.  It produces reports instantly by changing a couple of parameters, and supports complex hierarchical organisational structures such as a state with regions and schools or a corporate group, with divisions, departments and business units, or a university with faculties, schools, and departments, etc.


Originally designed to allow an organisation of 70,000+ employees to collect compliance checklist data in the last few minutes of a working day it was designed from the outset to be very fast and scale to tens of thousands of simultaneous users.  The system will happily work on a laptop, or a large server farm.  For example, the system has been used for many years by the Victorian Government to provide the annual Learner’s Satisfaction Survey covering thousands of students in the state of Victoria.


Consisting of two engines – the maintenance engine and the survey engine, BPC SurveyManager is delivered with multiple front ends:


·        Survey Creation & Management:

o       A simplified pure web/html survey management client for general use

o       A powerful full featured windows application survey management client for general use


·        Survey Delivery & Response

o       A stateless ISAPI dll hosted on MS Windows IIS (any version) delivering dynamically constructed HTML pages providing surveys and reports.




Example Real world applications:


·        Compliance surveys and control checklists (built in management of repeating surveys, archiving of responses, auto-locking options on completion)

·        Marketing surveys

·        HTML & rules driven application configuration interfaces

·        User response & rules driven training systems

·        Learning management system for student testing with prerequisite control (built in learning management capabilities allow for testing and marking and checking of prerequisites of students)

·        Content management system for a web site with dynamically generated page content based on rules and user selections

·        360 degree HR surveys (dedicated capabilities for support of 360degree survey designs)

·        Management and board performance report production using surveys as templates (switch between data entry and read-only modes with a single command)

·        Performance audits and customer satisfaction surveys

·        Employee induction and exit interview recording

·        Online job and tender applications




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Web Management Client






Key Features:


§         Optional integration with BPC RiskManager.

§         Optional integration with the Winnfield & Waisman* Virtual World Learning System in Second Life** for remote training virtual campus management.

§         Unlimited organisations, survey managers, respondents, with configurable access rights, and unit and  group reporting/analysis.

§         Surveys work on any HTML 4+ web browser as well as PDA’s

§         Distribute surveys across hundreds of organisations with organisation level customisation but central question list control means survey look can be customised at the lowest reporting unit level, but question content centrally controlled.

§         Surveys can contain a huge range of input controls for radio buttons, lists, drop lists, menus, buttons, links, login, password fields, text, file upload, surveys within surveys, clickable image maps, pop-up hints, custom defined, and many more.

§         WYSIWYG input controls for multi-line text input.

§         Change a single property in a question definition to instantly change response lists between lists, drop lists, radio buttons, normal buttons, link lists, menus, etc

§         Set responses to collect single or multiple responses per question

§         Server side or client side edit checks (range, type, alha-numeric content input validation)

§         Embed anything displayable on a web browser in a survey question.

§         Change input and response types and survey content/questions after publication (in fact any part of the survey, at any time!)

§         Layout and configure the survey web pages and questions in any layout displayable in a web browser

§         Automatically collect user advised ‘importance’ or weighting ratings for each question in a survey if desired by checking one flag

§         Mandatory or non-mandatory questions

§         Display different questions to different users for the same organisation, survey, survey instance, etc.

§         Windows client supports a distributed database architecture allowing development, testing and analysis of surveys on a laptop and transfer of data between databases.

§         Optionally store documents and files in the surveymanager database for retrieval as part of a web page/survey, etc (saves enabling write privileges to local drives)

§         Automatic print friendly versions of each page, or an entire multipage survey.

§         Optionally use CSS style sheets for layout and page behaviour, or use the built in layout tags instead

§         Share questions across multiple surveys in multiple organisations

§         Optionally allow users to revisit and revise survey responses multiple times

§         Run the same survey each week to the same people (uses survey instances)

§         Each response keyed by organisation, survey, survey instance, question, question fork (used in 360 degree surveys), and user.

§         Separation of concepts of survey creation, distribution and publishing

§         Define exception ranges for response and track follow up actions.

§         Dynamically generates survey pages based on organisation, survey question, survey page, user, user properties, previous responses to current and previous surveys or external application tests, plus more.

§         Rules engine allows for rules based page construction and includes built a in natural language parser to process unstructured text responses, as well as tests for conventional conditional operators for equal to, greater than, less than, like, contains, etc.

§         Multicolumn surveys.

§         Build surveys of surveys. Eg. Put one survey in a left handle panel that is a menu of surveys a user can select, and display in the right hand panel each survey selected in the left hand panel.

§         Build survey questions with responses from other (or the same) surveys embedded in the question text as lists, statistical analysis, full dynamically built sentences, and more.

§         Build surveys with automatic annotations based on responses (allows web pages that automatically provide running advice or commentary based on user responses)

§         Build surveys that allow for reviewer’s comments on other user’s responses.

§         Build surveys in both structured “question – answer” layouts and unstructured report layouts, with paragraphs and responses embedded in the text. (Allows templated reports with mixed survey data, analysis and management report commentary).

§         Build quizes and tests that allow for automated marking.

§         Build ‘homing’ survey pages that continually redisplay the same page or fork to other pages and return to the original homing page on completion.

§         Build dynamically generating surveys with unlimted questions per page, while still enabling the use of rules to select the questions displayed – no single question to a page surveys needed



Example Surveys






Key Features Continued:


§         Plug in libraries allow real-time two way interfacing to external systems

§         Built in archiving of survey responses

§         Instant, real time report production with many options per question including, responses, response counts, responder names, percentage response breakdown, graphical response display, etc.

§         Optionally allow unrestricted automatic (anonymous) or restricted (invited) survey access.

§         Upload recipients from csv (comma separated) files, export responses to XL and database readable XML database format

§         Distinguishes between online and paper based survey responses

§         Optionally create surveys directly from marked up MS Word documents (Note – dynamic capabilities are not supported with MS Word documents)

§         Mouse over sensing controls for hints and help fields

§         Built in randomising news server.

§         Manages organisations, organisation structures, surveymanagers, respondents, guests, etc

§         Generates emailed invitations /reminders (any number with changing text based on the number of invitations sent to the individual).

§         Timestamps survey commencement and completion

§         Manages Distributed databases and data replication

§         All data stored internally in 2byte character sets

§         Works with http or https.

§         Really simple to install.

§         Survey engine is completely stateless.

§         Connects to as many separate databases as your system can hold.

§         ….And lots more







The survey engine is powerful enough to run the annual state wide web based student satisfaction survey conducted by the Victorian Department of Education and covering more than 450 institutions and thousands of students each year.


With offices in Melbourne (Australia) and Vancouver (Canada), Bishop Phillips Consulting is a specialist in governance systems and an incubator of management science technologies.  BPC SurveyManager application has been built and maintained in Australia by Bishop Phillips Consulting Pty Ltd since 1998.





BPC SurveyManager Technology Requirements


BPC SurveyManager will run on MS Windows 98se, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and 2008 and 64 bit Windows.  The survey engine and browser based maintenance clients are ISAPI dll’s.  BPC SurveyManager requires:

·        If running on 64bit Windows, MS WoW is required.

·        SQL Server 2000 / 2005 / 2008 or MSDE 2000 / SQL Express. 

·        MDAC 2.8 (standard with all windows OS’s after Windows XP

·        MS IIS 5+ (IIS6+ preferred)



The minimum PC hardware is 500Mb RAM and 16 Mb disk space for the survey engine, 20mb disk space for the browser based management client  and 20mb disk space for the windows management client.  If the survey engine will generate graphical report components a reasonable graphics card on the server is required as images are dynamically generated rather than stored.  Surveys response databases can grow quite large where thousands of responders are involved so production installations should allow for significant database growth.


The survey engine is stateless and will support server farms.



Corporate and Systems Credits


Bishop Phillips Consulting was founded in 1995 as Stanton Consulting Partners and incorporated as Bishop Phillips Consulting Pty Ltd in 1997.  Bishop Phillips Consulting is a software developer, incubator of management science technologies, business recovery advisor and general consulting firm specialising in governance and performance improvement processes and systems with offices in Australia & Canada.


* Winnfield & Waisman is a division of Bishop Phillips Consulting that builds virtual world immersive environments and systems primarily in Second Life**.  Its flag ship products are virtual world learning systems, virtual world campuses and meeting spaces and the various technologies and infrastructure required to run training courses and meetings and manage ‘crowds’ in immersive environments.


** Second Life is the Trade Mark of Linden Research, California, USA.  It is an open access immersive virtual world. http://secondlifegrid.net/


Windows 98se, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and 2008 are tradmarks of Microsoft Corporation






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