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Category: BPC RiskManager V6 System Administration

The RiskManager V6 Installation category includes pages dealing with installation procedures for the BPC RiskManager family of risk management software applications. BPC RiskManager is an industrial strength enterprise governance system covering the functions of risk, compliance, insurance, claims management, audit, and planning for both public and private organisations. It is available world wide from Bishop Phillips Consulting.

All system configuration decisions are defaulted during installation which is 100% fully automated on single user and small network installations, and 95% automated on enterprise networks, with multiple installation frameworks available in the installer package. You can, however, perform all steps manually for total customisation, and change your installation configuration at any time after installation.

All system configuration decisions are preserved through upgrades.

The system will run unattended and can be essentially ignored - even on enterprise systems, with the condition that database backups are automated and/or should be performed regularly for all RiskManager databases.

While defaults are set during installation based on questions you answer, and system setups discovered during installation there is an extensive number of ways of arranging the components across multiple machines, and databases, etc; and tuning the system.

If you are hosting complex multi-organisation or other multi-database setups, there are administration facilities built in to the application server and other support tools to directly support rollouts of new configurations and component updates, across all databases and web sites in one step with database or organisation specific context sensitive changes.

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