Database stability: Is the RiskManager essentially a SQL Server application ported to Oracle?

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BPC RiskManager V6.x is currently available only as an MS SQL 2000/2005/2008 server and MSDE 2000 / MS 2005 Express / MS 2008 Express solution.

BPC RiskManager Express is available as both an Oracle and SQL Server solution covering Oracle 8 through 10G and MS SQL 2000/2005/2008 server and MSDE 2000 / MS 2005 Express / MS 2008 Express. RiskManager Express has less functionality than RiskManager V6.x. The application in either case is developed on a database independent platform using an SQL Server test environment and then ported to Oracle the oracle server where Oracle versions are available. With respect to RiskManager Express there is no difference in stability of the application attributed to the database engine.

You are encouraged to adopt the MS SQL Server database for RiskManager V6 (the version that otherwise suites your requirements). In the event that an Oracle RiskManager V6 release is essential for you, the database independence layer utilized in BPC RiskManager Express was carried through into V6.

In fact, internally, V6 still goes through the database check steps on start-up that are used in BPC RiskManager Express to determine the database on which it is running and apply the changes to the SQL queries that would otherwise be required to run on Oracle. Therefore, we could produce an Oracle 10g+ release with approximately 1 month’s notice. The original intention when V6 was built was to release both Oracle and SQL Server versions – which is why the database independence layer was preserved in V6, but every V6 client to-date has chosen to adopt the MS SQL server version so we have not been able to justify the development effort required for Oracle solution. RiskManager Express predates RiskManager V6 and does have a predominantly Oracle and Interbase user base.