Is there a feature listing for the BPC RiskManager windows client and the browser client?

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You are looking at the possibility of using a mixed client environment based on user specific needs and where they are.


The BPC RiskManager browser client and the non-browser client are BOTH thick clients, while the dynamically generated BPC SurveyManager pages are pure HTML "clients". The browser based BPC RiskManager client is an MS Internet Explorer browser plug-in - like a Flash (tm) media player.

With respect to the two BPC RiskManager clients, both are EXACTLY the same application, just with a different wrapper. One is like a Flash plug-in for a browser, the other is a standard MS windows style executable - but below the wrapper they are the same program, they look the same and they behave the same.

To get different behaviours for different staff, you configure the rights of the staff, or the database to which the application talks. Data entry or enquiry-only staff simply do not have access to all capabilities (can't see them) or, on certain screens are in 'read-only' mode.

Many of your corporate staff known by the system are not going to be users of the BPC RiskManager primary client at all. These, typically, will be completing survey screens, compliance checklists, responding to or actioning emails sent by the system, etc. In these cases the BPC SurveyManager screens will be their primary interface - and those are pure web based HTML and javascript. These screens are generated dynamically through decisions you make in the RiskManager client concerning what a survey (eg a compliance cheklist) contains, and who gets what survey, with what contents and when. There is no standard to these as everything is dynamically constructed by the SurveyManager on a just-in-time basis - right before a page is displayed. Various wizards allow you to cause the survey framework to be generated from within the RiskManager client and determine the look of the web pages yourself.

The full feature list is huge, but a short list of the features available in the browser and non browser clients is available here