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The Risk Manager application server is a COM server. The COM server needs to be registered first before it can be used to serve data between the risk database and client programs. To register the COM server please run the following program once:


  1. Select the “Start”button and choose the RM DataServer from the BishopPhillips folder in the programs menu, or
  2. In Windows explorer, navigate to [RMInstallDir]\ApplicationFiles\RiskManagerDataServer.exe (or RiskManagerDataServer6xx.exe).

The BPC RiskManage DataServer (the application server layer) WILL require read/write privileges to the registry of the application server. This is the default install scenario, but if your site is using unusual lockdown arrangements, you should ensure that the interactive users used by the socketserver and the HTTPSrvr (if in use) have registry read + write access to HK LocalMachine capability. These accounts are the Local System (for the socket server) and which ever account you chose to