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Note: If you are here looking for installation instructions for SurveyManager as bundled with BPC RiskManager 
you will find instructions here. BPC RiskManager - Install The SurveyManager

BPC SurveyManager is a powerful web/HTML rules based forms engine that creates, distributes, manages, analyses and reports dynamically generated html and paper surveys and can even be used to build and manage general web sites. The system is available as part of the BPC RiskManager suite, individually or as a hosted internet service. The name does not do this application justice. With a large range of built-in forms, components and input control capabilities it is versatile enough to be used to create an entire website, smart enough to hold interactive rules driven natural language “conversations” with users, and simple enough that a survey can go from design to live in less than 15 minutes. It produces reports instantly by changing a couple of parameters, and supports complex hierarchical organisational structures such as a state with regions and schools or a corporate group, with divisions, departments and business units, or a university with faculties, schools, and departments, etc.

Originally designed to allow an organisation of 70,000+ employees to collect compliance checklist data in the last few minutes of a working day it was designed from the outset to be very fast and scale to tens of thousands of simultaneous users. The system will happily work on a laptop, or a large server farm. For example, the system has been used for many years by the Victorian Government to provide the annual Learner’s Satisfaction Survey covering thousands of students in the state of Victoria.

Consisting of two engines – the maintenance engine and the survey engine, BPC SurveyManager is delivered with multiple front ends:

  • Survey Creation & Management:
    • A simplified pure web/html survey management client for general use
    • A powerful full featured windows application survey management client for general use

  • Survey Delivery & Response
    • A stateless ISAPI dll hosted on MS Windows IIS (any version) delivering dynamically constructed HTML pages providing surveys and reports.

Example Real world applications:

  • Compliance surveys and control checklists (built in management of repeating surveys, archiving of responses, auto-locking options on completion)
  • Marketing surveys
  • HTML & rules driven application configuration interfaces
  • User response & rules driven training systems
  • Learning management system for student testing with prerequisite control (built in learning management capabilities allow for testing and marking and checking of prerequisites of students)
  • Content management system for a web site with dynamically generated page content based on rules and user selections
  • 360 degree HR surveys (dedicated capabilities for support of 360degree survey designs)
  • Management and board performance report production using surveys as templates (switch between data entry and read-only modes with a single command)
  • Performance audits and customer satisfaction surveys
  • Employee induction and exit interview recording
  • Online job and tender applications

BPC SurveyManager Technology Requirements

BPC SurveyManager will run on MS Windows 98se, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and 2008 and 64 bit Windows. The survey engine and browser based maintenance clients are ISAPI dll’s. BPC SurveyManager requires:

  • If running on 64bit Windows, MS WoW is required.
  • SQL Server 2000 / 2005 / 2008 or MSDE 2000 / SQL Express.
  • MDAC 2.8 (standard with all windows OS’s after Windows XP
  • MS IIS 5+ (IIS6+ preferred)

The minimum PC hardware is 500Mb RAM and 16 Mb disk space for the survey engine, 20mb disk space for the browser based management client and 20mb disk space for the windows management client. If the survey engine will generate graphical report components a reasonable graphics card on the server is required as images are dynamically generated rather than stored. Surveys response databases can grow quite large where thousands of responders are involved so production installations should allow for significant database growth.

The survey engine is stateless and will support server farms.

You can get BPC SurveyManager today by completing this enquiry form, or emailing sales@bishopphillips.com

Example Surveys

There are a number of example surveys showing just a few of the things you can do with BPC SurveyManager at:

Live Examples

Everything at this link is a "survey" displayed by the surveymanager, including the front page and the randomised news server. There is no "hand" customisation of the pages. Having said that, some page layouts date back to 1999 so some of the pages look a little dated now. The purpose of the demo link is to show the functionality rather than illustrate how nicely we can design a web page. Hence you will see in some survey som pretty ugly transitions on a page which are done to demonstrate the degree to which a layout can be changed mid stream.

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