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DNS and Mail Authority resolvers and Email address syntax check

Language: Delphi 7 - 2007

Locates the DNS server associated with the curent computer and looks up the DNS to resolve a domain address, and/or find the URL of the server with mail authority, as well as providing basic email address syntax checking.

// Simple DNS resolver - returns a string containing the resolved domain/address provided in resolveme (or '' if the matter can't
// be resolved) according to the dnsrec request string containing a DNS RR record request.
// EG: 'MX' or 'A' or 'NS' etc.   dnshost is the address of a dns host to use.
function bpcDNSResolve( dnshost, resolveme, dnsrec : string ) : string;
// Return the real Email exchange for this email address
function bpcResolveEmailHost( dnsHost, EmailAddress : string ) : string;
// Get the list of DNS servers from the local machine as a comma delimited string
// Returns '' if failed/none listed OR Raises exceptions if out of memory or no sizing data received
// Uses GetNetworkParams winapi call.
function bpcGetLocalDNS : string;
// Returns True if valid  email address syntax
function bpcIsEmailAddressSyntax( emailaddress : string ) : boolean;