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Plugin DLL remote command node & data exchange routines

Language: Delphi 7 - 2007

This library defines the API for BPC SurveyManager plugin DLLs. This library is available on request to third party developers, including other BPC support libraries that may be required.

This is V2.3 of the Plugin DLL library. This definition can be considered as fixed and stable by third party developers.

Usage: Any library intended to be automatically read and plugged into the BPC SurveyManager ISAPI library V 1 through 8 must deliver this interface to the BPC SurveyManager engine in 32 bit form. The libraries must be loadable in memory libraries, and support sharemem.

//////// Plugin DLL remote command node & data exchange routines

uses Classes, Types, sysutils, Graphics, bpcStringList;


// Used for housing plugin command nodes and lists of nodes

TbpcPlgInCmd = class( TObject )
  PlgCmdOwner : TObject;
  Hint, Data: String;
  Bitmap: TBitmap;
  Event: TNotifyEvent;

TbpcPlgInCmdStringList = class (TbpcStringList)
  destructor Destroy; override;
  procedure AddCommand( APlgCmdOwner : TObject; ACaption, AHint, AData: String; ABitmap: TBitmap; AEvent: TNotifyEvent);
  function IsCommand( ACaption : string ) : boolean;
  function GetCommand( ACaption : string ) : TbpcPlgInCmd;
  function Execute( ACaption : string; Sender : TObject ) : string;