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In addition to the requirements specified at Section 5.3.5 in respect of new program/system reviews and the check-list of matters to be considered this section of the Manual details the steps to be undertaken in the conduct of such assignments.

It is essential that all development and significant enhancement projects are reviewed to ensure that they meet the Department's requirements in a cost effective manner and that the systems produced are efficient and reliable. Such reviews are generally of two types:

¨ development reviews that consider feasibility studies, cost benefit analysis, design, user involvement and project control

¨ post implementation reviews that consider the success or otherwise of the project, user satisfaction and performance of the system.

Assurance Objectives

These reviews will endeavour to provide management with an assurance that the development has been successful in terms of contributing to Department objectives. Specific matters to be addressed are:

1. Program guidelines and administrative arrangements have been developed incorporating the above check-list aspects.

2. Where shortcomings are identified with program guidelines a summary of findings is to be returned to program management for discussion, and where applicable guidelines are to be amended.

3. Final version of the program guidelines and administrative arrangements are approved by Internal Audit.

4. A certificate is issued by Internal Audit stating compliance with the CAAC requirements has been satisfied.

5. Program management are to forward the final program guidelines with the certificate from Internal Audit to the Secretary or his delegate for approval.

As the foregoing indicates, the extent of Internal Audit examination is extensive and not solely limited to the review of in situ systems and programs. Internal Auditors are expected to provide contributory and meaningful assistance particularly in this type of review.

If the need exists the Internal Audit coverage of the process should be extended as far as necessary particularly in relation to user requirements and provision of "user advocate" services.

Working Paper Example

An example of the form for working papers is may be found here