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Jonathan Bishop



Education & Qualifications

  • BSc (Computer Science)
  • BCom (Accounting/Economics)
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor
  • Certified Internal Auditor


  • Chairman – Bishop Phillips Consulting (Aust) & (Canada)
  • Managing Director - Bishop Finance Pty Ltd


Jonathan has more than 34 years experience consulting in the accounting, governance, IT and strategy consulting industries, and 25 years in CEO, senior executive and board positions with a variety of commercial, educational and semi-government entities. His work history includes leading and authoring a variety of commercial software systems, enterprise scale project management, internal audit leadership and audit committee membership, strategy and performance management leadership, process design and the authoring of books, methods and papers covering a wide range of management technologies.

He was the first person in Australia to be triply qualified as an ACA, CIA and CISA.

Jonathan is a thought leader in the areas of governance and control theory. With other thinkers in the field of governance systems design, he argues that a concept of holistic organisation design based around a network of stakeholder communities and assertion based process control objectives with predictive reporting can provide economic, realistic, flexible, measurable and sustainable proof of governance and deliver efficient operations and effective market response. He is a strong proposer of control self assessment models for internal control and risk management. His theories have been applied in practice on many commercial and government organisations (see client list) and he was a significant adviser in the government reform space during the mid to late 1990's that saw some Australian governments embrace accrual accounting, whole-of-government shared service delivery, public-private partnerships, multi-year budgeting, and formal organisation governance and risk management.

His team was one of the first to define and adopt risk based project management throughout all project advisory and large scale systems implementation services. They have of a 100% success rate in systems implementation projects across a period of 10 years using the approach and during that time delivered more than 20 whole of organisation financial, HR and business management systems.

He has had the rare privilege of having been engaged by major consulting firms to advise them on internal systems delivery and project governance matters.

An active software developer in Delphi, .Net and a variety of web languages, Jonathan also leads the software engineering team of Bishop Phillips Consulting (a publisher of among other things BPC RiskManager, BPC SurveyManger and BPC IncidentManager).

He is currently actively exploring the application of massively multiplayer virtual worlds for corporate, education and social networks and over the last two years his virtual design company has completed a number of large design and construction projects in Second Life, one of the leading online virtual world environments.


  • Joint Managing Director - Acumen Alliance, Victoria (5yrs)
  • Joint Principal-in-Charge – Stanton Consulting Partners (7yrs)
  • Vice President – William Angliss Institute of TAFE (7yrs)
  • Vice President – Central Health Interpreter Service (1yr)
  • Chairman – Angliss Consulting Pty Ltd (8yrs)
  • Snr Mngr – Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (2yrs)
  • Chairman – Angliss Performance Review Committee (6yrs)
  • Chairman – Angliss Audit Committee (2yrs)
  • Other Directorships (Crnt & Frmr)
    • Acumen Alliance Australia (4yrs)
    • Acumen Alliance (Victoria) (5yrs)
    • William Angliss Institute of TAFE (8yrs)
    • Radio Beacon (Aust) (2yrs)
    • Asia Alliance (Hong Kong) (2yrs)
    • Acumen (UK) (2yrs)
  • Other:
    • Price Waterhouse (Snr)
    • Australian National University (Academic)
    • RMIT University (Academic)
    • Judge - ACT Enterprise Workshop

Capabilities & Skills

  • Project Management
  • IT & Corporate Strategy
  • Risk Management, Enterprise Governance & EGMS
  • Process design & Control Systems Analysis
  • Financial Management, Performance Measurement & Activity Based Costing
  • Project Management
  • Government Accounting
  • Business Case Preparation
  • Probity, Internal Audit, QA Reviews
  • System Evaluations and Selection
  • Information Systems – Design Specification
  • IT Architecture, Network Design & Implementation
  • Software Engineering – Design & Development
  • Second Life simulator design, development and construction

Governance & Consulting Client Engagements include:

  • Managed the Internal Audit Units and Client Service Delivery for over 50 Internal Audit & Governance Clients (over 18 years) including:
    • Toyota, General Motors - Holden, United Automobile Manufacturers Association of Australia, City of Melbourne, City of Monash, Victorian Egg Marketing Board, VicRoads, Victorian Electricity Commission, VCGA/VCGR (Victorian Casino & Gaming Authority), Gippsland Water, William Angliss Institute of TAFE, Victorian College of the Arts, DEET/DEETYA, ComCare, ACT Dept. of Health, Woden Hospital, Royal Women’s Hospital, PSE Credit Union, Catholic Bank, NAB, National Mutual Insurance Ltd, Telstra, Dept. of the Treasury, Dept. of Finance, JHD, Dept. of The Senate, Dept. of The House of Representative’s, Dept. of Parliamentary Library, ACT Urban Sevices, ACTEW, AusSpace Ltd, ACT TSA, BTR Nylex, etc

  • 'Process Reengineering and Strategy/Organisational Advice' for many, many clients across corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors including:
    • Department for Victorian Communities (Grants Management), Department of the Senate, Central Health Interpreter Service, First Mildura Irrigation Trust, SCOPE Victoria, TabCorp, JB Were, Country Fire Authority, FrontLine Defense Services, ACT Health, Royal Women's Hospital, Australian National University, Sirius Communications, William Angliss, Department of Human Services (Victoria), Building Services Agency, City of Melbourne, VEC, Museum of Victoria, Department of Education (Victoria), Sutherland City Council, AIATSIS, Central Health Interpreter Service, etc.

  • Designed the Internal Method and wrote the Internal Audit manuals for DEET/DEETYA, National Mutual, Acumen Alliance, Stanton Consulting, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu,
  • Designed and prototyped the online Board Internal Audit Reporting System for National Australia Bank

  • Enterprise Systems Project Management or Advisory on implementations in Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft, SAP R3, Microsoft Networks and other vendors for clients such as TabCorp, FrontLine Defense Services, JB Were & Sons, Melbourne University, RMIT University, Dept of Treasury, Ansett Air Freight, SSOV, Trade Measurement Victoria, Farmer Brothers, National Library of Australia.

Software Systems Developed Include:

  • Co-Author of BPC RiskManager used by – Australia Post, Telstra, Gippsland Water, United Energy, Deakin University, Monash University, Melbourne University, Victoria University, Swinburne University, Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia, Nova Scotia University, BCIT, University of Calgary, University of Technology, BHP, AMP, Benfield

  • Author of BPC SurveyManager used by various among others, the OTTE - Department of Education (Victorian Government) and ACFE - Department for Victorian Communities (Victorian Government) for versy large scale state-wide student surveys, and by various BPC RiskManager clients as the core compliance engine for that system.

  • Co-author of BPC IncidentManager (incident support system for BPC RiskManager)

  • Authored or co-authored other successful business software applications including BPC TenderEvaluation, Arthur Andersen BAS Reporting, Arthur Andersen Practice Management, VG Dxf, TMV CRIS, Farmer Bros Retail System, FDS EIS & Stock Management System, TabCorp Tender Evaluation System, etc.

Papers & Management Science Technologies

Jonathan has a particular strength in policy and governance administration strategy & processes and has authored or co-authored a large volume of papers and manuals on a variety of related topics including:

  • Authored various strategy and business modeling concepts including recent systems based on community networks, e-business enablement, commercial competitive tactics and strategies
  • Authored the Deloitte Internal Audit Method (over 1000 pages), NAB Internal Audit Reporting manual, DEET Internal Audit Method and National Mutual Internal Audit Method, Stanton Internal Audit Method, Acumen Internal Audit Method.
  • Authored the Stanton & Acumen Business Process Reengineering Method, Stanton & Acumen Victoria Management Reporting Design Method, Acumen Victoria Strategic Planning Method, Report Writing Style Guide, etc
  • Authored and/or presented at conferences on Neural Networks, and Diagnosis Assisting Databases using Neural Networks. Jointly designed and built one of the first practical neural network databases in the 1980's for pattern recognition and predictive reasoning.