BPC RiskManager Client - Browser Setup For ActiveX Plugins using IE 7

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Browser Setup For ActiveX Plugins using IE 7

  1. From a client computer (or from the application server computer if no client computer is easily available) open Internet Explorer.
  2. Choose “Tools” from the menu bar and “Internet Options” from the menu that appears.
  3. Select the “Security” tab.

    RMC IESetup2.png

  4. Select the zone in which your risk manager application server resides relative to you client computer on the “Select a zone to view or change settings” tool bar. The diagram shows "Intranet Zone" which is the normal situation, but depending on your intended server destination you might need to choose a different zone - such as "Internet Zone"
  5. Select “Custom Level”
  6. On the “Security Settings” window scroll through the settings list until you find the “Download signed ActiveX Controls” setting. Enable the “Prompt” option (which is Microsoft’s recommended setting). Our ActiveX controls are signed with current Verisign ceritificates. Administrators can achieve higher level of security by also flagging controls from Bishop Phillips Consulting as being trusted, or from the riskmanager application server web site as being trusted – but the recommended setting should be enough.

    RMC IESetup1.png

  7. We also set the automatic prompting for ActiveX controls to enable, but this may not be required in all scenarios.
  8. Scroll a little further down the list and enable the running of ActiveX plugins as follows:

    RMC IESetup3.png

  9. Now select OK and close the security settings window, and select OK again and close the Internet Options window. You should now be back at your browser window.