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DynamicPageList (DPL) is a flexible report generator for MediaWikis.

The following articles in this wiki use DPL:

Main Page
BPC RiskManager V6 Enterprise (Enrima Edition)
BPC RiskManager Software Suite
BPC RiskManager V6.2 Network Architecture
BPC RiskManager Frequently Asked Questions
Steps For Migrating RiskManager V6.x from Test To Production
BPC RiskManager V6 on 64 bit Windows
BPC SurveyManager - Web Client Manual
BPC SurveyManager Web Client Manual: Accessing
BPC SurveyManager Web Client Manual: Home - The Survey List Page
BPC SurveyManager Web Client Manual: Creating the list of respondents
BPC SurveyManager Web Client Manual: Home (ACFE/ACE) - Working with The LSS
Real Learning in Virtual Worlds - CHAPTER 2: Literature Review
Real Learning In Virtual Worlds
Real Learning in Virtual Worlds - CHAPTER 1: Overview
Real Learning in Virtual Worlds - CHAPTER 3: Research Design
Real Learning in Virtual Worlds - CHAPTER 4: Results.
Real Learning in Virtual Worlds - CHAPTER 5: Discussion & Conclusion
Real Learining in Virtual World - Selected Appendices
Business Process Reengineering - Introduction
Business Process Reengineering - Project Plan
The Stakeholder Community Network Model
Business Process Reengineering - Process Charting
Business Process Reengineering - Chart Key
Managing Risk in Mergers & Acquisitions - Causes of Success & Failure
RIAM:Overview: The Assertion Linked Systems Based Audit (ALSBA)
Risk Management - Introduction
Report Writing
Managing Risk in Mergers & Acquisitions - A Success Strategy
Managing Risk in Mergers & Acquisitions - A Review of the Literature
Managing Risk in Mergers & Acquisitions
Risk Management
How do I get a copy of BPC RiskManager V6.2.5?
When are multiple BPC RIskManager server licenses required?
Does your license include the cost of MS SQL Server ?
What will need to be arranged prior to the installing BPC RiskManager?
Does the RiskManager client application work with FireFox browsers?
In what programming language is BPC RiskManager written?
What is the best way to get support?
How do I arrange installation support and what is the timeline?
What support packages are available and at what cost?
Is there a User Group Forum?
How does one decide the optimum BPC RiskManager configuration?
Is BPC RiskManager a Client-Server application?
Security: What is the most secure architecture for BPC RiskManager?
BPC RiskManager Client - Browser Setup For ActiveX Plugins using IE 7
Would it be possible to get a copy of the BPC RiskManager V6 installation guide?
Is there a feature listing for the BPC RiskManager windows client and the browser client?
Can you please provide information on the cost of licensing and the type of licensing for BPC RiskManager V6.x ?
I just purchased BPC RiskManager. Will you be sending the install disks, and when?
Does the RiskManager plug-in itself have a certificate like a java applet does?
For support, what type of support is available (i.e.: email, phone, onsite, etc...)?
How do I get custom features added, or request new features for BPC RiskManager?
What type of documentation, technical and user is available for BPC RiskManager?
What is the difference between the browser plugin and the windows executable RiskManager client?
Database stability: Is the RiskManager essentially a SQL Server application ported to Oracle?
Database support: Which database choice will give us the best level of support?
What is the best client version - the browser or non browser Risk Manager client?
BPC RiskManager Server - After installing in production or adding an application server
Is there a cost associated with telephone support (i.e.: cost per call or issue)?
BPC SurveyManager - Overview
Bishop Phillips - Software Library Reference for Developers
Virtual Learning Systems
About The RiskWiki
Upgrade BPC RiskManager Database Installation
First Time BPC RiskManager Database Installation
First Time SQL Server Installation
Instaling BPC RiskManager Database on SQL Server 2005 or SQL Express
Make a server login id (BPC RM on SQL2005)
Make the database (BPC RM on SQL2005)
Restore the database access IDs (BPC RM on SQL2005)
Set up the initial user IDs
BPC RiskManager Client - Add new users
BPC RiskManager - Creating and Updating Resources
BPC RiskManager - Creating and Updating Users
BPC RiskManager - Creating and Resetting User Passwords
BPC RiskManager - Updating Your Personal Preferences
Install Socket Server as a Service And HTTPSrvr as an ISAPI library
Installing the SocketServer
Installing the HttpSrvr.dll (optional)
BPC RiskManager - Registration
BPC RiskManager - General Configuration
BPC RiskManager - Database Configuration
BPC RiskManager - Send Mail Options Configuration
BPC RiskManager - Mail Server Connection Properties
BPC RiskManager - Security Configuration
Security Configuration - First Time Installation
Security Configuration - Update Installation and Reset
BPC RiskManager - Logging Configuration (OPTIONAL)
BPC RiskManager - Create the Root Administrator
BPC RiskManager - Configure HTTPSrvr Library
BPC RiskManager - Distribution of Client Components
BPC RiskManager - Install The SurveyManager
BPC RiskManager - Configure Risk Mail Manager
BPC RiskManager - Test a Client Connection
Instaling BPC RiskManager Database on SQL Server 2000
Make a server login id (BPC RM on SQL2000)
Make the database (BPC RM on SQL2000)
Restore the database access IDs (BPC RM on SQL2000)
BPC RiskManager Quick Help With Common Tasks
BPC RiskManager - Recycling the HTTPSrvr Worker Process
BPC RiskManager and BPC SurveyManager Importer Masks
BPC Surveymanager - Key Features
BPC SurveyManager - Introduction
BPC SurveyManager - Creating Surveys - Layout and Markup Tags
BPC SurveyManager - Creating Surveys - The Page Script
BPC SurveyManager - Creating Surveys - Rules Scripting
BPC SurveyManager - Questions and Input Controls
BPC SurveyManager - Creating Surveys - Properties
BPC SurveyManager - The Built In Reports
BPC SurveyManager - Advanced Database Configuration Settings
BPC SurveyManager - Client Overview
BPC SurveyManager - Tutorials - Survey Layouts
SM Tutorial 1: A Simple Common Survey
SM Tutorial 1: A One Page Static Menu
BpcSMScriptLibrary 1
BpcSMScriptLibrary 2
BpcSMScriptLibrary 3
BpcSMScriptLibrary 4
BpcSMScriptLibrary 5
BpcSMScriptLibrary 6
BpcSMScriptLibrary 7
BpcSMScriptLibrary 8
BpcSMScriptLibrary 9
BpcSMScriptLibrary 10
BpcSMScriptLibrary 11
BpcSMScriptLibrary 12
BpcSMScriptLibrary 13
BpcSMScriptLibrary 14
BpcSMScriptLibrary 15
BpcSMScriptLibrary 16
BpcDBEmbeddedWB INIT